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Rent a piano on low prices

“Runiton” offers you perfect russian, german and czech pianos, new and or used, for rent with super affordable prices of 65 euros/month.

Rent a piano for a restaurant or hotel

Our company offers great acoustic or digital pianos and grand pianos, new or used, from reputable brands long- or short-term suitable for:

  • Hotels
  • Galleries
  • Restaurants
  • Private parties
  • Company parties
  • TV shows
  • Private use

Rent a piano for schools or philharmonics

We offer promotianl prices for renting a piano or a grand piano for goverment facilities such as schools and philharmonics.

For more information about promotional prices please call +359 877 431 047, or +43 688 64448142 .

Why rent a piano from “Runiton”

When renting a piano from “Runiton” you get:

  • Top of the line service – Our consultants are are professionals with long years of experience who love their job.
  • Free tuning – the first tuning of the instrument is on the house 🙂

“Runiton” Ltd.
Phone numbers: +359 877 431 047, +43 688 64448142

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