Professional transportation of pianos and grand pianos

Beacouse the professional way of transportation for pianos and grand pianos is very specific it is important to hire proved specialists such as „Runiton“ Ltd. who have hundreds of succesful piano transportations behind their backs from point to point for accessible prices.


We offer transportatoin for pianos and grand pianos all over Europe:

Piano 110 euros + 15 euros/froor
Grand piano up to 180cm 140 euros + 28 euros/froor
Grand piano from 180-220cm 190 euros + 40 euros/froor
Grand piano from 220-240cm 250 euros + 60 euros/froor
Grand piano over 240cm 300 euros + 90 euros/froor
Turning a piano on its side 10 euros
A stage is charged as a floor
Transport with a bus out of town 0.75 euro / km

Professional crew for carrying pianos and grand pianos

„Runiton“ Ltd. is a leader in the branch becaouse it is counting on its professionally trained crew which has special techniques, tools and accessories for top quality transportation of pianos and grand pianos.

Moving a piano from one to another room

If you’ve decided on moving your piano or grand piano from one to another room it is important to know that a special cart must be used. The piano is not supposed to be pushed, pulled and rolled around on its little wheels, they are only for fine adjustments after the intrument has been set to place.

After every moving the piano needs tuning with which we can help you.

3 reasons to choose our services for transporting your piano or grand piano:

  • Professional crew of specialists with equipment for moving
  • Specialized brand new bus for transportation
  • Quick transportation on low prices

„Runiton“ – transportation for pianos and grand pianos

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